Monday, May 20, 2013

Perfect Prom Dresses for Your Body Type

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When you looking for your prom dress,what style you're going for is not the only important thing,you should also consider what body type you have.The truth is a dress may look perfect on someone but weird on you.It is not just about how you look but also how comfortable you are in the dress.Here are some tips on which style to wear for different body types,read on for your future prom dress purchasing:

Hourglass:curvy and attractive,this is one type that most women dream of. Both hips and shoulders that are proportional. Women who are in this figure is so lucky as the curve of your figure will effortlessly make you look great in anything! Try a mermaid style dress like the following one to show off your figure.This dress will highlight your gorgeous waistline and give you a flattering shape.

Full figure:also called round body type.A round woman's shoulders are smaller with narrow hips.Women who have this type of figure can choose an empire waist gown to raise your waistline and hide the extra weight around your midsection.Or an A-line prom gown like following one also works for this kind of figure.It can make you look slimmer by drawing attention to the neck. 

Apple shape:The apple has a heavier upper body but slim hips.To balance your figure,you can wear A V-neck or sweetheart gown that draw attention to your flattering bust.A halter style gown is not suggested which may draw too much attention to your heavy top. Empire style gowns as the following one can fit the apple shape nicely as they draw attention to your waist.

Pear shape:the pear will be slim on top and heavier on the hips. A ball gown prom dress works well for a pear because it will draw most of the attention to the top of their body. The following style is a great choice as it hides fuller hips and brings the focus to the top of the dress. Adding embellishments like appliques or sequins to the top of the dress works well too.


  1. I love the first picture. The hourglass shape of the models body is just perfect for this kind of dress. Every girl with that kind of body shape will look gorgeous on their prom night with this dress.

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