Friday, May 31, 2013

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Back to Catwalk

Long sleeved wedding gowns have earned their particular reputation of being modest,demure and classic by its unique features.Now with so many talented designers' elaborate work,such style has made a grand return back to the catwalk.And it is no doubt that it is only a matter of time before they are picked by brides to walk down their aisle.

It’s understandable that some modern brides think this style is too conservative as they hide too much skin which should have been exposured.But this season if you take a short glance at latest long sleeved wedding gowns you may change your mind.These gowns can also be fashionable and sexy.Moreover,with extra  exquisite hand-embroidered and appliquéd lace that come together, its popularity has soared.

2014 New Style Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

You were like a Cinderalla before you met your princess charming,now you are going to be a real princess to finish that love story with a happy ending.To make that dream day even memorable and perfect, there’s one thing we won’t be making compromise of. Our dream wedding dress.Among all the styles,the most-loved, most popular and most princess-look style should be Ball Gown Wedding Dress.

The new collection for 2014 ball gown wedding dress appears more fashionable with unique detail.Designers like Romona Keveza,Veluz Reyez,etc bring a fresh wind to this fashion field by creating many unusual and superb eye-catching ball gown styles on the past runway.Organza and tulle are still popular fabric to make these masterpiece while lace is coming up to be the next  focus.Embellishments like chic pearls,appliques and sparkling sequins are brought back this season.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

6 Romantic Lace Wedding Dresses

It is many womens dream picture of their big day that wear an alluring lace wedding dress and step into the room like a princess coming out of the fairy tale.Lace has its own speciality that any other fabric cant reach.It could be either romantic,vintage,elegant or sophisticated depending on the design and cutting.It makes women feel extremely spoiled and bring the charming feminine side out.Here are several superb stunning lace wedding dresses I would like to recommend:

This sophisticated lace wedding gown (Below) is perfect for brides with short bodice as the mermaid shape will help you elongate your upper body and at the same time showcase your curve.The tiered bottom is my favorite part which is so alluring that will command attention on every step you move.

If you prefer to stay low key but ask for exquisite detail,the following lace wedding gown is an ideal option.Delicate English lace all over on with frills ornament the bust and knee.With a lace edge wedding veil on,you are the vintage bride coming from 50's.

Who don't love Justin Aexander's bridal collection?Lace wedding dress like the following one from this brand brings that romantic aura you want to radiate throughout the room.

Here comes this charming and simple lace wedding dress from cut,strapless neckline,with some understated beads highlight the empire waistline,graceful chapel train,very classic.On sale under 250 dollars now!

I have to admin that I love Jim Hjelm's bridal gowns very much.It seems they can effortlessly create that breathtaking beauty to wow anyone seeing their design.This lace bridal gown(below) also comes with a trendy open back and colored sash.

Brides who are looking for a vintage style,the following gown is the one to covert.I like the short sleeves the most which makes the dress even modest.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Wear Tight-fitting Wedding Gowns to Showcase Your Figure

If you feel jaded after seeing so many traditional dramatic style wedding gowns,maybe you can consider a slim-fitting wedding dress to create a simple and fresh bride look.

After months exercising,it is time to show your achievement!This figure-hugging style is perfect to show off your charming figure.Fabric is tightly ruched with built-in bra to support the bust.Flare-out pick up skirt creates a stylish ensemble.

Adding a volumn top edit on shoulder like the above dress is another trend in next season.This simple and slim-fitting wedding gown features a floral one shoulder neckline,a asymmetrically ruched bodice and a floor length skirt followed by a sweep train.This is also a nice choice for summer weddings.

Enhance your beauty by adding some flowers at waist like this romantic style.This sheath wedding gown comes in a beaded strapless bodice and a ruched belly with flowers ornament the side waist.A sweep length train is a must-have element for this beach wedding look.

If you want any of these lovely dresses,you can leave reviews or email us at

Thursday, May 23, 2013

6 Amazing Unusual Wedding Gowns

To be extremely unique and beautiful is every bride-to-be's dream,that is the reason why so many women spare no effort to hunt for that style just for them.Here I would like to introduce this awesome online store(with own factory) that offering many distinctive wedding styles.Here are some new arrivals from their site:

Unusual Mermaid Wedding Dress with Ruffled Skirt and Flower Belt

Unusual and Stylish Tiered Peplum Satin and Organza Wedding Dress

Unusual Wedding Dress under 200 Dollars with Spaghetti Straps and Lace Hem

Unusual Beaded Wedding Dress with Ruffles

Monday, May 20, 2013

Perfect Prom Dresses for Your Body Type

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When you looking for your prom dress,what style you're going for is not the only important thing,you should also consider what body type you have.The truth is a dress may look perfect on someone but weird on you.It is not just about how you look but also how comfortable you are in the dress.Here are some tips on which style to wear for different body types,read on for your future prom dress purchasing:

Hourglass:curvy and attractive,this is one type that most women dream of. Both hips and shoulders that are proportional. Women who are in this figure is so lucky as the curve of your figure will effortlessly make you look great in anything! Try a mermaid style dress like the following one to show off your figure.This dress will highlight your gorgeous waistline and give you a flattering shape.

Full figure:also called round body type.A round woman's shoulders are smaller with narrow hips.Women who have this type of figure can choose an empire waist gown to raise your waistline and hide the extra weight around your midsection.Or an A-line prom gown like following one also works for this kind of figure.It can make you look slimmer by drawing attention to the neck. 

Apple shape:The apple has a heavier upper body but slim hips.To balance your figure,you can wear A V-neck or sweetheart gown that draw attention to your flattering bust.A halter style gown is not suggested which may draw too much attention to your heavy top. Empire style gowns as the following one can fit the apple shape nicely as they draw attention to your waist.

Pear shape:the pear will be slim on top and heavier on the hips. A ball gown prom dress works well for a pear because it will draw most of the attention to the top of their body. The following style is a great choice as it hides fuller hips and brings the focus to the top of the dress. Adding embellishments like appliques or sequins to the top of the dress works well too.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to Wear White Prom Dresses to Avoid Being too Bridal

White is many girls' favorite color for dresses.When come to prom dresses,it becomes a bit dangerous cause it is easy to make you look like a bride which you don't want.So for women who decide to choose white prom dress and dream of heading out for an elegant night rather than a trip down the aisle.what should they mention to?

First of all,of course you should skip the veil on your head which is a basic start for not looking like a bride in a white evening gown. There are also a few other tips can help you look like :

Pick a dress more stylish and casual.Traditional  Ball gowns have long been the traditional bridal look with layers.So to look more occasional,hunting for a different style that look more stylish with unique shape. Short, cocktail dresses can work, as can sheath dresses with dazzling beads, embellishments and peekaboo cutouts. Asymmetrical cuts on the bodice and skirt can also keep you far from the traditional princess bride appearance.

JSLD0092 from

Add some colors.Try pairing it with eye-catching accessories in non-bridal colors that really pop. Make it stand out from bridal look by adding a piece of colored sash.White with black accessories is always a classic look, or you can go for a wild and unexpected hot pink, sizzling blue or deep, luxurious green or purple. Or use colorful rhinestones to embellish the bodice.A lovely cute bow or a shiny brooch also works for white prom gowns.All these can move your prom dress far away from the bridal zone.

Use white as a backdrop, but not as the end-all. White prom gowns don’t have to be all-white.You can add a black or colored lace peplum skirt on bodice like the following one to create a fashionable look .Such overlays make a eye-catching statement on white and take you one step farther from the bridal look.It can be a great choice for any season, and these tips make it work for any elegant or formal occasion!

What to Mention When Wear Ball Gowns

Ball gowns,with its magnificent shape,have long been a classic and vintage style for formal occasions or pageant.However to rock the gown and successfully carry on the tradition,here are some aspects you may need to pay attention to when wear such gowns:

First: Fit

Generally the gown's bodice should be figure-hugging adorned with ruching,beads or applique.It is true that some ball gowns are of heavyweight that slender figure can't easily hold it.So some girls choose to select a smaller size to wrap their upper in order to make sure the dress won't fall down.However to wear comfortable,it shouldn't be too tight that make it hard to breath.An available option is to choose lace up style so that you can adjust the tightness.

Second: Body type

Because a ball gown flares into a very full skirt, it may overwhelm petite figure. Smaller frames may be especially overwhelmed by a gown that has an excessively layered skirt or embellishments that appear to swallow you whole.For petite girls,one option is to choose an empire waist ball gown that can visually elongate your height.

Some body types are especially enhanced by the shape of ball gowns. This dress type generally works very well for wowing the crowd if you are tall and stately. Those with heavier thighs and lower bodies can also dazzle since the full skirt provides plenty of camouflage for the bottom half.

Third: Walking around

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the ball gown you select won't make things complicated that avoid you being able to walk and move around in comfortably. The full skirt can be your best friend and make you stand out of the crowd, but it can also be your worst nightmare for walking and sitting if you forget how full the skirt is. You may be stumbled by stepping your feet on the dress.Walking works if you remember how long and wide your skirt is and step gently and accordingly. Flatten the skirt behind your butt before you sit, then let the skirt’s material cascade along the sides of the chair.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Find Wedding Dress that Speak for You

There is always such worry coming up for brides-to-be like"is this dress too plain?","does this style look weird on me?",though they doesn't say it loudly but every bride has imaged that picture that they can wow everyone on that day.So you will see they spare no effort to make sure they look absolutely stunning at their weddings.But what I think is however others will judge your dress,it should somewhat show who you are.

If you prefer simpler style,you don't have to buy something sparkling with dazzling crystals and rhinestones all over the bodice just want to seize the chance to shine.This is your wedding not any runway show.You have already been the limelight the moment you and your fiance announced your marriage.So you just need to be yourself and show your distinctive glamour.If you are fond of distinctive stuff,choosing something out of this time or even crazy is also acceptable.You can even choose your own color,like pale green or grape?Go for it!

Ultra Glam

The Fashionista

Preppy Girl

Golden Goddess

9 Top Tips for Wedding Dress Purchasing Success

1. Speak for You
Think about it:how do you want your dress to make you feel,high-key with sophisticated silhouette or understated with chic details?Or perhaps you want your dress to have a more vintage feeling?Your dress must showcase your personal taste. Once you find a dress that can speak for you,that is the one.
2. Estimate a budget
Every bride has a budget of her wedding dress.Once you make the budget, try to follow it. However what if find a dress that you love but over your budget?Calm down and check exactly how much is over,if the extra amount is acceptable(you can limit a range),spending a bit more is OK after all this is once-in-a-life-time thing,anything is worth it.
3. Always shop early
Except you are lucky and just find the size of your dream dress that you can take it home right away,generally for a customizing dress,It takes around six to eight months for a really well made dress to be ordered and delivered to a salon.So to keep it in control,shop as early as possible.
4. Don't be limited by your body type
There are countless advises you may heard like what kind of style is perfect for pear figure and what is for apple,The reality is that there are many variants of pear or apple,you can only know when you wear it on.
5. be careful when shop online
Shopping online is a trendy option for wedding dress that sometimes can save you a lot.However you can't try it on before purchasing,so try to get the size as accurate as possible.
6. You are the one to make the decision
You may take a few of your friends or your mom to shop together with you,offer you their opinion.Of course you should care what they think,if the suggestion is appropriate,take it into consideration.But you are the one to finally decide which dress to purchase.
8. Get details written when need changes
When there is any change you want to make for your dress,like adding a belt,cut off the train or even the price,you must list them clearly and make sure the seller totally understand what you want.
9. Alteration is suggested for a perfect fit
You know a wrong fit will just ruin a originally stunning gown.So if available,always make the dress fit you as right as possible.