Friday, May 17, 2013

9 Top Tips for Wedding Dress Purchasing Success

1. Speak for You
Think about it:how do you want your dress to make you feel,high-key with sophisticated silhouette or understated with chic details?Or perhaps you want your dress to have a more vintage feeling?Your dress must showcase your personal taste. Once you find a dress that can speak for you,that is the one.
2. Estimate a budget
Every bride has a budget of her wedding dress.Once you make the budget, try to follow it. However what if find a dress that you love but over your budget?Calm down and check exactly how much is over,if the extra amount is acceptable(you can limit a range),spending a bit more is OK after all this is once-in-a-life-time thing,anything is worth it.
3. Always shop early
Except you are lucky and just find the size of your dream dress that you can take it home right away,generally for a customizing dress,It takes around six to eight months for a really well made dress to be ordered and delivered to a salon.So to keep it in control,shop as early as possible.
4. Don't be limited by your body type
There are countless advises you may heard like what kind of style is perfect for pear figure and what is for apple,The reality is that there are many variants of pear or apple,you can only know when you wear it on.
5. be careful when shop online
Shopping online is a trendy option for wedding dress that sometimes can save you a lot.However you can't try it on before purchasing,so try to get the size as accurate as possible.
6. You are the one to make the decision
You may take a few of your friends or your mom to shop together with you,offer you their opinion.Of course you should care what they think,if the suggestion is appropriate,take it into consideration.But you are the one to finally decide which dress to purchase.
8. Get details written when need changes
When there is any change you want to make for your dress,like adding a belt,cut off the train or even the price,you must list them clearly and make sure the seller totally understand what you want.
9. Alteration is suggested for a perfect fit
You know a wrong fit will just ruin a originally stunning gown.So if available,always make the dress fit you as right as possible.

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